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    Opens Are Dead,
    But Email Isn't

    iOS 15 is ending open rate tracking and bringing a fundamental change to 20-year-old email marketing best practices. To help email marketers navigate the change, Omnisend is introducing Opens Are Dead—a single hub for all the latest news, best practices and thought leadership around the shift iOS 15 is causing in email marketing.

    What’s Changing

    ios15 adoption rate

    Since the public release of iOS 15, we’ve seen some strong adoption based on our customers’ own contacts.

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    At the Apple Event yesterday, the tech giant revealed its latest slew of offerings, including the iPhone 13 and new…

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    See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing after iOS 15 is live.

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    How is iOS 15 going to impact e-mail marketers? How were marketers traditionally leveraging data on e-mail opens?

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    Find answers 'what does iOS 15 update means for hospitality marketers?'

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    Check out screen-by-screen walkthrough as we focus on the features most likely to impact email marketers.

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    Litmus data on worldwide email clients usage showing a combined Apple share of 58%, updated as of June 1, 2021.

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    A take by The Verge on how Mail Protection Privacy will force the email economy to adapt.

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    Official press release by apple explaining Mail Privacy Protection and more new features coming with iOS 15.

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    Opens Are Dead is the single hub for all the latest news, best practices and thought leadership around the changes iOS 15 is bringing to email marketing. Powered by Omnisend, Opens Are Dead presents a wide variety of sources and points of view to provide email marketers with an up-to-date pulse of the market.

    Submit your own thoughts and follow #OpensAreDead for new updates - we're all going to learn and adjust together.